Typical Dietitian Lunches at the Hospital Cafeteria

16 Dec
From top left corner going clockwise: Salad bar, minestrone soup, crackers; roast turkey (it’s hiding under the other sides on the plate), brown rice, mixed vegetables, orange, tea; pasta with vegetables, navy bean soup, green beans; couscous with chickpeas and tomatoes, zucchini and summer squash, lentil soup, orange; pizza, broccoli, seltzer water

Whenever I am at work, I eat lunch at the hospital cafeteria. My other dietitian colleagues and I thought it would be fun to start taking photos of some of the typical meals that we eat in the cafeteria. Continue reading

Cran-Apple-Persimmon Crisp ~*Recipe ReDux*~

21 Nov


This month’s Recipe ReDux theme is “Trimming the Table.” The holiday baking season is upon us. Time to pull out all the stops. Show us the healthy holiday dessert you will be sharing with family and friends this season.

To keep this holiday season colorful and “healthy-ish,” I made a fall fruit crisp with fuyu persimmons, apples and fresh cranberries. I love all of the naturally bright colors in these fruits! The topping is made with spelt flour, oats Continue reading

A Long Weekend in Montreal…

7 Nov

At the end of September, I hopped over to Montreal for a long weekend filled with sleeping in, eating, drinking, site-seeing and taking power naps (more sleeping) in grassy fields. The city seems young and easily walkable and bike-able. And there is no shortage of food spots and coffee shops open late into the night.

Below is my rough guide for some of the places I visited while I was there.

*I am obsessed with starring places that I want to visit on Google maps. It is especially useful for traveling because I can pinpoint where I want to go and what else I want to do in that area. So if you are traveling somewhere new, I suggest you get starring.*

One of the first places I went to in Montreal was Chez Boris, where they specialize in Russian beignets. I tried all three flavors: cinnamon sugar, plain sugar and cocoa sugar. All washed down with a decadent iced matcha tea.


Around the corner Continue reading

Red Rice & Veg Bowls with Cilantro Tahini Sauce ~*Recipe ReDux*~

21 Oct


This month’s Recipe ReDux theme is: Plant Protein Power Bowls. Packed with protein, fiber and color, plant power bowls are trendy and delicious. Show us the healthy recipe that’s in your bowl.

To make a balanced plant-based protein bowl, aim to have a whole grain (brown, red or wild rice, farro, barley, millet or quinoa), at least one or two vegetables (roasted, raw or steamed), and a protein source (nuts, beans, seeds or tofu).

For my Red Rice & Veg Bowls, I used Continue reading

Fig(sinmybelly) Galette

6 Sep


Back in September of 2010, I made a fig galette (and a nectarine galette) when I was invited to cook at this dinner party shindig.

When I woke up this past Saturday morning and grabbed a few fresh figs from the fridge to snack on, I stopped myself and thought, “I should actually try to make something with figs this year.”

Then I realized that September is already here and I did not make a pie or a tart or a galette all summer long. And wouldn’t you know, the weather was lovely out this weekend, which means that I was able to turn on my oven without converting my apartment into a sauna.

And then I remembered the fig galette from 2010. It’s about time I re-create it. 6 years sans fig galette is 6 years too long. Cheers to figs and cheers to pie dough! Continue reading

Tomatoes and Yogurt on Flatbread ~*Recipe ReDux*~

22 Aug


For this month’s Recipe ReDux challenge, we were to create a ‘vacation-inspired recipe.’ In the process of deciding what to make, I landed on these tomato-topped flatbreads that I ate at the Summer Spritz Soirée hosted by Bon Appetit last August. The event was held at the Brooklyn Grange and I went with friends from my nutrition program. There were cocktails (spritzes!), snacks, ice cream, and nail polish (random) all set on a rooftop farm.

It wasn’t technically a vacation in the sense that I left town, but it was a memorable evening with beautiful views, nice people, and tasty food and drink. A vacation from the everyday humdrum of life.  Continue reading

More Summer Veg Love

23 Jul


July’s Recipe ReDux theme was all about enjoying summer produce. I posted a carrot salad but realized I should also share some of the other vegetable-centric dishes I have been making this summer. Continue reading