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Eating in Brighton Beach

20 Jul

Last weekend I took a day trip to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, New York. I scoured the Serious Eats website for some tips for where to eat, and my oh my did I have a ball. Below I snapped some photos of the places I ate at and the markets I visited. I have been dreaming about going back to continue eating and exploring.


Khachapuri from TONÉ-CAFÉ Georgian Bread. It tasted like a cheese-filled croissant. So rich and savory.  Continue reading


All You Can Eat, Philly

20 Apr

A few weekends ago, my friends and I took a quick day-trip to Philadelphia (“Philly”). We had one day to cram in as much eating as possible. I think we did alright.


We started with coffee at La Colombe, followed by a mid-morning snack stop at Federal Donuts. Two donuts, strawberry shortcake and blueberry mascarpone, shared four ways.

IMG_1678 Continue reading

Notes and Noshes from Madrid, Spain

13 Jan

A few notes and noshes from my short stay in Madrid, Spain. We arrived on Christmas day and spent the night with a sweet family that cooked a special, traditional Christmas meal for us. Some of the food was unfamiliar, but we tasted new things and were grateful for the warm welcome into the city. I did not take any pictures that night, but below are some snapshots of the rest of the trip.

A requirement: churros con chocolate (pictured in the middle) + cafe con leche for breakfast


We visited the Reina Sofia and the Prado art museums. This was a pretty installation at the Reina Sofia.


Exploring the parks was another favorite activity. The park near Casa de Campo had a section with some colorful birds. Random yet pretty.


El Mercado de San Antón was a big food highlight. The downstairs section of the market is for picking up gourmet groceries and snacks, and the upstairs section is full of tapas-style fancy food vendors.

We ordered a Continue reading

>Gastronomically-Inspired Jewelery: Cute as a Cucumber, Cool as a Corn

19 Oct

>Ohmygosh are these cute or what?! Gahhh, I am so in love with my new purchases!!! Corn and cucumber earrings. eeeee

Last Sunday was the 8th annual Spice of Life festival held in North Berkeley. Albeit the rain was pouring down on us, my two girlfriends and I gallivanted along and made the most of our afternoon.

We were strolling along when all of a sudden we spotted the cutest jewelery vendor, Carolyn Tillie was selling wearable food jewelery!!!!! She had everything from fruits and veggies (the broccoli and artichoke earrings were my next pick) to sushi, cupcakes, and French macarons. My oh my what a tough choice. I ultimately chose the cucumbers and the corn. My friend Michelle and I are obsessed with eating cucumbers these days, English and Persian are our favorite kinds. Crunchy crispy hydrating yum, our favorite way to munch on cucumbers is dipped in hummus.

And I chose the corn earrings to be…for lack of a better word, corny. They are like baby corns on my ears.

Carolyn Tillie’s jewelery
is made from a combination of gashapon (Japanese gumball machine toys), dollhouse miniatures, or actual food products (her bean jewelery was made from real beans) which have been individually hand painted with a water-and impact-resistant protective coating. The food bits are set with 14k gold or sterling silver.

After fawning over my exciting new purchases, I headed over to the paella food vendor to get myself some grub…

Ahh, what a great ending to a great day. Now this is comfort food!

>Make-Up Artist For Food?

1 Oct


Photo from this website

Today in my community nutrition class, we learned about food marketing, specifically towards children. This video clip ( was shown at the start of the lecture.

What do you think? Is this simply food art? Or is it more? What message is this sending?

Or should I just shut up and get a job as a food make-up artist (aka food-stylist)?

Or should I just shut up and go get a burger?

Fun Fact (from the rumor mill, but most likely true in some/many cases): Did you know that food stylists will enhance their strawberries with lipstick, will pour glue over cereal instead of milk and will replace ice cream with shortening mixed with sugar?! Yikes…and yuck!