>Gastronomically-Inspired Jewelery: Cute as a Cucumber, Cool as a Corn

19 Oct

>Ohmygosh are these cute or what?! Gahhh, I am so in love with my new purchases!!! Corn and cucumber earrings. eeeee

Last Sunday was the 8th annual Spice of Life festival held in North Berkeley. Albeit the rain was pouring down on us, my two girlfriends and I gallivanted along and made the most of our afternoon.

We were strolling along when all of a sudden we spotted the cutest jewelery vendor, Carolyn Tillie was selling wearable food jewelery!!!!! She had everything from fruits and veggies (the broccoli and artichoke earrings were my next pick) to sushi, cupcakes, and French macarons. My oh my what a tough choice. I ultimately chose the cucumbers and the corn. My friend Michelle and I are obsessed with eating cucumbers these days, English and Persian are our favorite kinds. Crunchy crispy hydrating yum, our favorite way to munch on cucumbers is dipped in hummus.

And I chose the corn earrings to be…for lack of a better word, corny. They are like baby corns on my ears.

Carolyn Tillie’s jewelery
is made from a combination of gashapon (Japanese gumball machine toys), dollhouse miniatures, or actual food products (her bean jewelery was made from real beans) which have been individually hand painted with a water-and impact-resistant protective coating. The food bits are set with 14k gold or sterling silver.

After fawning over my exciting new purchases, I headed over to the paella food vendor to get myself some grub…

Ahh, what a great ending to a great day. Now this is comfort food!

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