Greetings and Hello…

23 Jun

I’m Stephanie.
I currently live in Berkeley, CA.
I decided to start a food blog.
Here I go.

First and foremost, here are 10 fun facts about me:
1. One of my favorite kitchen tools is a “schmoosher” (aka a spatula).
2. I am a flexitarian, which basically means that I will eat anything and everything!
3. I love to sit in a café, people watch, and stir up random conversation.
4. I collect vintage hats, listen to “oldies” music, and want to travel back to the time when we sent hand-written letters via snail mail and a Saturday night entailed a trip to the drive-in movie…
5. Figs are my favorite fruit. I could go on and on…the taste, the look, the symbolism. mmm
6. I am fascinated with the body. The way the body functions, moves, reacts, and brings in new life. Wow. Just wow.
7. I love color. My room is like a smoothie of colors from my bed spread and pillows to the walls and curtains. Whenever I eat a meal, having a rainbow of colors on my plate is important.
8. I give my mom a hard time about her kitchen abilities—her usual is dry chicken or take-out from the restaurant down the street. I must say, however, that she can whip up a damn good grilled cheese sandwich; hands down hers is the best I’ve ever had.
9. My ultimate goal in life is to travel the world, taste great food, learn about different cultures, and document my experiences.
10. Sometimes eating with my fingers and literally licking my plate clean makes everything taste just that much better.


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