Inspiring Links for the Future of Our Food…

8 Mar


Hi all,

It has been pretty busy around these parts lately. I did get a chance to hitch a ride to Vermont last weekend to go skiing for the day. Some of the most beautiful snow I have ever seen!

This week I am taking the SNAP Challenge, spending $30 on food for the whole week. More than midway through my challenge now, I am doing a lot of reflecting on food in the United States, and my personal relationship with food. More about my experience with the SNAP Challenge coming soon. Until then, I will share some inspiring links…

Planning to see this film in the next few days…A Place At the Table

New Yorkers: Some of New York’s most celebrated chefs have taken a moment to share why they feel the New Amsterdam Market should have a permanent home in the Fulton Fish Market building. Watch the video, sign the petition, spread the word, and help revive an historic New York landmark.

A powerful talk by Ann Cooper on School Food. We need to change the way we feed our children.

Harvard’s Healthy Eating Plate. A better alternative to MyPlate.

The latest Food Fight video…pretty graphic, but makes a strong point…

Los Angeles Unified School District is participating in Meatless Monday. Hooray!


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