The Open Markets in Lucerne (Luzern), Switzerland

29 Aug

High up in the Swiss Alps on a Mountain named Pilatus, I stood, freezing (literally) my little tootsies off. A 30+ minute gondola ride took me 7000 ft high to a place where snow reigns strong in mid-June.

And when I say high, I mean high. High enough to see (sort of) the most spectacular view of Switzerland (or at least part of it).

And I especially enjoyed the little yellow flowers peaking through the snow, trying to break free.

After getting back down to a part of Switzerland where it was not snowing, I found myself in the heart of the loveliest town Lucerne, a town where the lake meets the city meets the mountains.

Just beautiful. The snowy mountains were far enough away that I could feel warm again, and I could still admire them from a distance. And there were swans, too!

So, what’s was for lunch? How about a ginormous baked good from the local backeri (bakery)?

Ok, ok, maybe some fruits and veggies would be nice, too. I found myself perusing the open markets in Lucerne…there were lions and tigers and berries, oh my! Alright settle down, so there were no tigers. But lions and berries, yes and yes.

There were tomatoes that looked like grapes, veiny grapes:
More tomatoes, of the heirloom variety I suppose:

There was white asparagus and chanterelle mushrooms:

Beautiful bundled carrots:

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnddddddd…FIGS IN MY BELLY!!!!!!!!

Dried, fresh, purple, green. Feiges (figs)! Oh, how I love thee.
I bought loads of chocolate to savor between (and after!) meals, I went to a touristy fondue dinner complete with a yodeling show and alphorn blowing, and I even ate sushi in Switzerland (I know, not the most authentic, but sometimes you just crave sushi).

Menu from the fondue dinner

Switzerland was such a blast. I would definitely go back, especially to see some of the other great cities that the country has to offer.


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