>Slow Food Done Kinda Fast: Oakland’s "Eat Real" Food Festival

30 Aug

>“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces—just good food from fresh ingredients”

–Julia Child

Today I ate some of the best cheese I have ever tasted! Mozzarella curd, pulled to order, drizzled with Arbequina (a type of olive) olive oil, good quality salt, and torn basil leaves. I ate my little puddle of cheese alongside some fat slices of heirloom tomatoes!

I purchased this simple cheese puddle at Jon’s Street Eats, one of the many vendors set up at Oakland’s “Eat Real” festival. Jon was boiling the cheese in some sort of magical way (well it was probably very simple but it tasted magical!). Mozzarella tends to be a mild, almost bland cheese, but when paired with the right accoutrements, mmmm!

In addition to the freshly pulled mozzarella, my friend, Michelle, and I shared a grilled eggplant sandwich—grilled eggplant, ratatouille, shaved Parmesan in a grilled split top bun! Everything tasted heavenly—the bun was just the right amount of buttery and salty, the grilled eggplant slices complemented the ratatouille so well!

The Eat Real Festival is loaded with crowds of people cruising along the boardwalk, tasting street food from various vendors highlighting fresh summer fruits and veggies, multicultural snacks, handcrafted local beers, and ice cream sold from the back of a bicycle! In connection with the Slow Food Movement, Eat Real aims to put eaters in contact with the real people — the farmers, chefs, and producers — who make our food.

For dessert, Michelle and I shared a fruit salad—watermelon, cantaloupe, cactus fruit, mango, pineapple, cucumber, and jicama. We ate it the authentic way with chili powder, salt, and lemon juice! YUM. Perfectly refreshing on a nice summer day!

Check out these homemade s’mores!

The line for this paella was a heap of tomfoolery! Look at those HUMONGOUS stoves!

A truck devoted to chowder. Gotta love the Bay Area…


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